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Are you an Employer? 

Start saving on your recruitment fees for free

We aim to make recruitment agreements more transparent and allow your business to always be firmly in control of your employment whilst helping you to save money on your recruitment fees. Our unique negotiation process allows for your business to decide exactly how long you would like any reduced commission rate to last, the only requirement is that you have a minimum of 3 vacancies and the best thing is, the service we provide to businesses is completely free of charge and there are no hidden fees!


So how does it work? Once you have registered with us, we will ask you for a brief and contact our network of leading specialist recruitment agencies for your related industry. Our negotiation team will ensure your company is given the very best rates of commission, which are fair and not extortionate. We will then provide you with a summary of the top 3 recruitment deals that are currently available. The final decision on any proposed recruitment agreement rests with you with no-obligation. 

So how do you get started? Take a look at our simple 5-step process below.

Our process


Request a free consultation by contacting us directly or filling out our simple online form.


During the consultation, which can either be face-to-face or over the phone, our consultants will gather all of the necessary information regarding your current or future recruitment requirements and determine whether you are eligible for reduced commission rates.


Once you have qualified, we will then negotiate a free, no-obligation quote with the world's leading specialist recruitment agencies, selecting only those which are best-fitted to your industry or job-role requirements.


Once we have negotiated the best recruitment deals, we will notify you by telephone or email. You can simply choose to accept the offer or reject them, it's entirely up-to-you and it won't cost you a thing!


If you choose one of the proposed recruitment deals, the selected recruitment agency will sign a contractual agreement at a significantly reduced commission rate.

Take a look at some of our examples of cost saving opportunities for your sector.

Ready to find out more?

Commission Reduction specialise in negotiating professional recruitment agreements between recruitment agencies and businesses across the UK and the rest of the world. Request a free consultation today or fill out the form below to request a call back.
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