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Reducing your recruitment cost per hire at no extra cost

Commission Reduction have relationships with organisations of all different sizes, from SMEs to blue-chip companies in a variety of sectors UK-wide and internationally. We act as an intermediary between businesses and the top specialist recruitment agencies to negotiate on commission rates, helping businesses reduce their recruitment costs and improve the efficiency of their hiring process. The best part is, our service for businesses is completely free.


In our experience, the average commission rate charged by the leading recruitment agencies is 24%, however for director or executive level positions and above, the rates are much higher, therefore there are bigger cost saving opportunities. Regardless of the type of position your are recruiting for, Commission Reduction will always negotiate a commission rate reduced to 19% or lower.


Below are just a few common examples of the sectors we work with and the cost per hire saving opportunities related to each industry, but we branch in to all areas of professional industries.

Our service to you is completely free

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Industries we work with

Image by Sergi Kabrera
Information Technology

We work with businesses in the Information Technology (IT) sector to reduce their recruitment costs when using external recruitment agencies. Take a look at some of our cost saving examples for roles in the IT industry.

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Banking and Financial Services

Our specialist team will negotiate with the UK's leading banking and financial services recruitment agencies to reduce commission rates per hire. Take a look at some of our cost saving examples for job roles in the financial services industry.

Smiling Lawyer

We will negotiate with the leading legal specialist recruitment agencies to reduce your recruitment fees. Take a look at some our cost saving examples for job roles in the legal sector.

Ready to find out more?

Commission Reduction specialise in negotiating professional recruitment agreements between recruitment agencies and businesses across the UK and the rest of the world. Request a free consultation today or fill out the form below to request a call back.
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